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Sharon Hall, a resident of Chesapeake Beach since 2006 and once part-time employee of this local wine store, is now the proud proprietor of this favorite “wine by the glass” establishment.  In a relatively short period of time, Sharon has taken Bay Wine and Spirits and given it new life.





What you think “About Us”


“… Bay Wine and Spirits is always a great choice for gathering of friends and neighbors, to bring your out-of-town guests, finding that perfect bottle of wine for a special occasion or just to enjoy a glass of wine by the beautiful Chesapeake Bay.”  – Carol

“As a newcomer to Chesapeake Beach, I was delighted to discover Bay Wine and Spirits and the crowd of wine enthuiasts …. This eclectic, friendly group fills the room with warmth and good cheer and the wonderful sounds of clinking glasses, laughter and chatter.  The wines on offer are always interesting… and to sample them in good company is the best part of all”  – Amy B.

“One phone call to Sharon and I have a case of great wines to give as gifts for the holidays.  I don’t hesitate to shop locally when we have an wonderful establishment like Bay Wine and Spirits in town.” – Frank P.

“…a stress-free atmosphere. I come to renew my spirit either alone on the porch overlooking the Chesapeake Bay or in a comfy chair sitting next to friends as we share conversation, laughter and heartbreak while sipping a satisfying drink.”  – Desiree S.

“…look forward to Friday nights.  It is like a house party where you meet new friends every week.” – Doug and Terri S.

“This place as been Brian and I’s home away from home on so many cold winter nights and farmer market Fridays. Wine a little, laugh a lot.” – Mary

“I have grown to love this place , but more so, the people who make up these four walls, a few shelves of wine and a place of laughter, the place where my life has begun anew, with a new love, new dreams, and a new positive aura around my soul, which I was missing before Bay Wine and Spirits.” – Patrick L.


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Bay Wine and Spirits

9100 Bay Avenue

North Beach, MD 20714

(410) 257-0067  

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